Beauty Zone provides a full range of body therapies


Massage, cellulite reduiction, weight loss and exfolition are some of the beauty therapies offered by Beauty Zone

Body Therapy Treatments

Like our faces, our bodies need extra special care and treatment.

The Beauty Zone specialises in luxurious and healthy skin and body therapies which are not only relaxing but will improve the health and look of your body.

These range from our specialist aromatherapy, deep tissue and relaxation massage, to detoxifying body wraps, weight loss therapies, cellulite reduction and exfoliation.

Our treatments will soften dehydrated skin, help eliminate unwanted toxins and leave your body deliciously well balanced.

All our body therapies will make you feel and look fantastic. They are about taking time out for you, rebalancing yourself and leaving us and leaving with a spring in your step that wasn’t there when you walked in.

The Beauty Zone treatments are individualised to suite each client's needs and comfort levels with the aim to relieve tension, relax and promote well being for men and women.

They are our answer to your tired and overworked body!

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