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Enhance the shape of your eyes or lips with The Beauty Zone micropigmentation services

Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup

Whether you want to enhance the shape of your eyes or lips or simply save time applying make up in the morning - permanent makeup will enable you to wake up with make up perfectly applied every morning and keep it there all day.

Permanent eyebrows, lip liner and eye liner save you so much time in the morning and mean you never come out of the pool with that bedraggled or smudged look!

The art of permanent makeup or micropigmentation is fast becoming a very popular treatment within the cosmetic industry.The principle is similar to tattooing in that a pigment is implanted into the skin but the aesthetic result is quite different.

The Beauty Zone beauty clinic offer the very latest techniques in permanent makeup - eyebrow embroidery, permanent eyeliner and lip colouring and liner.

The most advanced permanent makeup or micropigmentation technique for eyebrows is known as eyebrow embroidery. This technique enables us to enhance the look of your eyebrows and make their natural appearance better than ever.

This is a new way of "cosmetic tattooing" for the eyebrows and means you can't really tell whether it is your own hair or not!

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Eyeliner Styles
Permanent makeup eyeliner tattoo never smears. Always perfectly placed, permanent eyeliner can do anything topical eyeliner can do but do it better.

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Scar Camouflaging
Scars can be camouflaged very successfully with the latest micropigmentation techniques

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Lip colouring
Our permanent makeup skills will ensure that your lips are beautifully shaded and defined all the time.

The tattooing can be applied just as a liner on the lips, or you may have the entire lip area filled with colour for a full lipstick effect.

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